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CSI Expands Product Line
Cutting Systems Inc.
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Company: Cutting Systems Inc., Canada
Attn: Connie Rapson

Burlington, ON- Cutting Systems Inc. is pleased to announce an addition to our current ferrous metal sawing product line of DutchSaws circular cold saws and Danobat programmable band saws. In June 2003 CSI was appointed the Canadian Representative for the FOM line of non-ferrous metal working products.

We are pleased to offer this quality line of FOM Industries aluminum sawing, milling and router devices to our customers throughout North America

Founded over 30 years ago and based in Cattolica, Italy, FOM is well known in Europe and North America for their versatile aluminum cutting and machining systems. FOM offers a vast range of machinery for cutting and machining aluminum, light alloy and PVC profiles. In addition they offer frame construction, assembly machine tools, custom designed machining centers, software and technical services.

The FOM circular cold saws are available with an up or down feed stroke blade system in a, single or double headed configuration. The purchaser has a choice of saws with cutting systems that may be manual, electro-pneumatic or pneumatically controlled. Manual or electric positioning of the vertical axis is also available.

To find out more about the FOM line and other products sold through CSI, or to locate the nearest CSI authorized dealer, please visit or call us toll free at 1-888-248-5555.

Further services include the sale of used equipment, refurbishment work, plus equipment evaluation and productivity reviews.

     Tel: (905)681-6785   Fax: (905)681-6612
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