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Finn-Power's P32 for Mid-Range Swaging
Finn-Power, USA, Inc.
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Company: Finn-Power, USA, Inc., IL, United States
Attn: Bob Kolcz

Schaumburg, IL. The Finn-Power P32 is a powerful bench top swager with 200 tons of swaging force. With the maximum speed of 850 swages per hour and an opening of 87 mm, it is particularly suitable for small and mid-size swaging operations. It can accommodate hose up to 2" and tube or pipe up to 3.5". The P32 has earned the reputation for being extremely accurate, reliable, and easy to operate. To change the dies in one, easy operation, a Quick Change Tool System is offered as an option. Foot pedal and mechanical back gauges are also offered as optional actuation devices.

The P32 is available with three different choices of controls: MS, IS and VS. The VS control is an easy to use vernier dial control. It is identical for small batch and single piece production.

The IS control is an analog, turn dial control that allows the setting of swaging and retraction diameters with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimeter. Control can be set for manual, semi-automatic or automatic operations.

The VS is a computerized control with up to 200 memory places for different swaging, retraction and correction settings. Its user-friendly features make it particularly suitable for operations with multiple sizes and fast production times. The VS control can be operated in both millimeters and inches, it will recommend the correct die set from its tool memory and it is very easy to program.

More information on the P32 machine can be obtained by contacting Finn-Power USA, Inc. 710 Remington road, Schaumburg, IL 60173, (847) 847-3200.

Finn-Power USA offers the industry's most complete line of hydraulic swaging/crimping machines ranging from light-duty, hand operated units to full-scale production units.

     Tel: + 847 885 3200   Fax: + 847 885 9692
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