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SMS Demag supplies ladle furnace to Seversky Tube Works
SMS Demag
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: SMS Demag, Germany
Attn: Stefanie Bettinger

SMS Demag AG, Germany, has received an order from Messrs. Leasing Prom Hold, Moscow/Russia, for the construction of a secondary-metallurgy twin-ladle furnace for the Seversky Tube Works, Polevskoy/Russia, in the Sverdlovsk region. By using a slewable ladle furnace, the operating costs of the existing Siemens-Martin furnaces for the melting of steel are to be reduced and the cast-ing quality to be improved with the help of exact alloying and optimum casting temperatures. The facility will take up production in August 2002.

The scope of services covers installation, training and commissioning. The individual items to be supplied include a ladle furnace facility with stationary hoods and two transfer cars with a built-in tilting device, the metering facilities and belt conveyor systems, the high-voltage switchgear and compensation equip-ment as well as the process automation required for this purpose. SMS Demags scope of supply also comprises a dust collecting system and cored wire feeder as well as ladle stirring and laboratory equipment and a deslagging machine.

     Tel: (+49-2 11) 8 81-44 49   Fax: (+49-2 11) 8 81-43 86
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