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Benderlink for Addison MK3 Released
Advanced Tubular Technologies
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Company: Advanced Tubular Technologies, MI, United States
Attn: Rebecca Parker

Advanced Tubular Technologies recently released the new version of Benderlink for Addison MK3 software designed to connect the Addison MK3 bender to Eaton Leonard Vector Laservision measuring centers.

Addison MK3 ("Mark Three") controls are legacy controls used world-wide by tube fabricators to produce bent tube and pipe. These controls use a proprietary Addison Clearway LAN protocol developed for communication with MK3 benders. This protocol was released to Advanced Tubular Technologies under special agreement with Addison McKee.

During June of 2003, the new Benderlink for Addison MK3 was successfully tested and demonstrated at the Wilmington, Ohio plant of Addison-McKee. It has now been released to a New Zealand customer who needs to connect an Eaton Leonard Laservision measuring center to his Addison MK3 benders for direct corrections loop control.

Features in this new Benderlink for Addison MK3 software:

1. Up to 98 Addison MK3 benders can be managed and connected to an Eaton Leonard Vector Laservision measuring center through a Benderlink computer.

2. Users can download and upload data and save the bender data on the remote Benderlink Windows 2000 or XP computer.

3. Corrected YBC data can be hand-edited at the Benderlink workstation, then transferred to the control through the Clearway LAN.

Advanced Tubular Technologies is a software development company that has specialized in producing software and communications solutions for tube fabricators since 1983.

     Tel: 248 674-2059   Fax: 248 674-2157
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