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Bimetallic Tube Capabilities Enhanced
Cole Tubes Limited
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Company: Cole Tubes Limited, , United States
Attn: Stewart Phillips

Cole Tubes has developed new processing technology to extend its range of bimetallic or tube-in-tube products. The Company can now offer a wider range of material combinations, lengths and end finish options. See and click on Bimetallic Tube.
When complex working environments mean that copper alloys on their own cannot provide a heat exchange solution it may be possible to use a bimetallic tube. Combined tubes can be produced with copper alloy, aluminium, titanium, carbon or stainless steel combinations. These give combined properties of heat exchange, strength and corrosion resistance that single tubes cannot provide.
A special version of this product is the high heat transfer Leak Detector Tube which can also be offered in a number of material combinations. This product is employed in coolers that cannot fail without warning - for example on critical oil coolers on pumps or generators. The inclusion of flow galleries between the inner and outer tube allows inner tube failure to be discovered before full unit failure.
End options include machining back the outer tube to allow fitting and ferrules. Ferrules are made in the same material as the inner tube and are fitted to ensure the "wetted" ends are all of one material type.

     Tel: +44 118 977 6006   Fax: +44 118 977 3105
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