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Indian induction partner for SAET and Emmedi
Emmedi S.p.A.
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Company: Emmedi S.p.A., Italy
Attn: Savio Dominici

A new partner has joined Italys SAET Group and Emmedi to build on the incorporation of Emmedi into the SAET Group in 2006. The new partner Induction Equipment of India, located in Pune, Maharastra will further bolster the strong position of the international induction welding specialists.

A subsidiary company of Induction Services & Engg Co Ltd, Thailand, Induction Equipment of India has more than fifteen years of experience in manufacturing induction heating equipment. The executive directors of IEI, Mr Kumar Mahbubani and Mr Sanjay Premi, are extremely positive about becoming new partners in the development program.

In addition to pooling technological innovation, SAET Group will gain increased global presence in new markets, especially the fast growing Indian and Far East regions.

With the aim of confirming the role of SAET Group as the global partner for induction, Induction Equipment of India will work within the group to assist customers in finding the best solutions. IEI will also be available for international supply of the most up-to-date products and services.

SAET Group will greatly benefit from combining its innovation, quality and service with a solid financial structure guaranteed by experienced partners. This will allow for increased satisfaction of existing customers and the addition of new sales orders

Induction Equipment (I) Pvt Ltd India
Fax: +91 2027 120012

     Tel: +39-11-9977-999   Fax: +39-11-9974-328
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