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New TubeCAD Pro Software Released
Advanced Tubular Technologies
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Company: Advanced Tubular Technologies, MI, United States
Attn: Rebecca Parker

Advanced Tubular Technologies has released the new version of TubeCAD designed specifically for Windows 2000 and XP.

TubeCAD is a tube layout software package that was originally released in 1985. There are users world-wide who count on TubeCAD to create their complex tube layout documentation quickly and accurately.

Matt Parker, the lead developer for TubeCAD Pro, carefully organized the new software so that it has a similar look and feel the earlier versions of TubeCAD to ease the transition of our users into the new TubeCAD. For example, the user interface still uses the familiar and powerful command-line users have come to expect.

New user interface features include floating toolbars, a new Properties Inspector, Most-Recently-Used file list, long-filenames, on-the-fly diameter rendering (using Open-GL power), a new multi-tab General Specifications menu with all the primary data on one screen, and a new unlimited Undo capability.

The new version has many powerful new layout features as well:
1. Outline (silhouette) diameter geometry shows all the tube forms (end forms, swages, flares, etc.)
2. True bend and rotation views show any number of tube legs with end-forms.
3. New Block-Up label styles and features allow enhanced quick 3-D gauging.
4. Full layer control is added.
5. Now First or Third Angle projection is allowed. (This allows engineers to use their favorite method of geometric projection.)
6. Send data directly to benders using the Supravision Network Protocol.

Advanced Tubular Technologies is a software development company that has specialized in producing software and communications solutions for tube fabricators since 1983.

     Tel: 248 674-2059   Fax: 248 674-2157
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