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Groove dressing machine for Zeleziarne Podbrezova
SMS Meer GmbH
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: SMS Meer GmbH, Germany
Attn: Peter Byroslawsky

The tubemaking company, Zeleziarne Podbrezova, Slovakia, placed an order with SMS Meer GmbH, Moenchengladbach/Germany, for the supply of a CNC groove dressing machine of the latest generation. After tube mills in Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Poland, China, Japan, Russia, Spain and the USA, the Slovakian tube manufacturer has now decided in favour of a machine of this type. The machine will be used to dress the stands of the stretch-reducing mill, Type SRW 350, with roll diameters of 350 mm fully auitomatically. The machine is equipped with a measuring device that records the stand and roll data automatically under program control. Independently of the operator, the stands are installed in the machine, the rolls are dressed fully automatically and the measured data are stored for quality documentation. Dressing of the rolls one after another from the front of the stand allows any desired pass form to be produced, and the edge radii of the roll to be dressed in a single pass.

For the roll technologist, the way is thus cleared for the free and simple design of the pass form and optimisation of the forming sequence in stands from any manufacturer. Changes to the pass shapes can be made easily by quickly altering the program at the menu-driven machine controller. In addition, interfacing to works' databases and control systems such as the CARTA a (Computer Aided Rolling Tech-nology Application) Technology System from SMS Meer is also guaranteed. Optimum cutting conditions and short changing times are ensured by the use of carbide or ceramic cutting tools in a standardised holder system. The three rolls in a stand each with a diameter of 350 mm are machined, automatically and independently of the operator, in two passes within a total of 30 minutes, with the highest levels of cutting and dressing accuracy being attained. For quality documentation or rolling process optimisation, the measured values of the pass form profile before and after machining can be output. Use of this machine meets the pipe mill demands for high levels of machining accuracy and the shortest machining times together with flexibility and maximum process reliability. This machine will go into operation during the course of 2003. With the delivery of the fifteenth machine of this series, Zeleziarne Podbrezov has become the twelfth tube manufacturer worldwide to decide in favour of this cost-effective, trendsetting machine concept.

     Tel: +49-21 61 / 3 50-6 28   Fax: +49-21 61 / 3 50-8 62
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