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Addison Machine Earns Business of the Year Award
Addison Machine Eng. Inc.
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Company: Addison Machine Eng. Inc., WI, United States
Attn: Cassie Landsinger

The Sauk County (Wisconsin) Development Corporation (SCDC) recently selected Addison Machine Engineering as the 2007 Large Business of the Year. The award honors Addisons recent significant business accomplishments and substantial charitable and professional contributions. Karna Hanna, Executive Director of SCDC, remarked that Addison has "dramatically grown the scope of their operations in the last few years, all the while developing core company cultures that reflect a high level of customer service, superior quality, and emphasis on employee development and training."

"Having the Sauk County Development Corporation and the Reedsburg Industrial Commission (who nominated us) recognize what we accomplished over the past couple years is very affirming," noted Jay Brunken, Addison VPO. "Our employees have worked extremely hard to not only strengthen and grow our company, but to make sure we are good neighbors in our community and industry. We are blessed to be part of a vital and growing area that values hard work and citizenship."

Addison Machine Engineering (Reedsburg WI) designs, manufactures, and reconditions tube, pipe, rollform, and steel mill roll tooling and mill components, as well as complete tube, pipe, and rollform mills for the tube and pipe industry.

     Tel: 608-524-6454   Fax: 608-524-6099
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