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BLM Group introduces Dynamic D5 - D6 - D7 D8 serie
Adige Systems Spa
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Company: Adige Systems Spa, Italy
Attn: Sales dept

New BLM large diameter end multi stack CNC tube benders

The new large diameter CNC tube bender series DYNAMIC D5 - D6 - D7 - D8 has been designed for powerful and accurate bending of large diameter tube up to OD. 130x 2,5 mm. An innovative axis displacement solution enables high efficiency in handling large tube OD, bending both variable and fixed radii in one operation and performing bends on multi-stack tooling (up to 4).

The range of tube diameters make it suitable for components of the following industries: trucks, buses, earth moving equipment, farm equipment, hydroformed parts, heat exchanger etc.

840 D.I. Siemens control unit

A high performing bender requires a powerful and proven CNC control with the latest graphical interface including on-line HELP function, graphical pages showing how to program and maintain the machine allowing a full control to the operator and direct link to the company network for data interchange.

The CNC unit can also be remotely connected via modem for service and update purposes in order to check machine I/O status, real time diagnostics and support the operator with immediate help information.

A wide selection of accessories customised application

The flexibility of the DYNAMIC D5-D6-D7-D8 series can be fully exploited with a wide range accessories including:

Standard draw bending which can also integrate variable radius in a single operation;

"ooster"function increasing the available torque to produce very tight radii

A programmable pressure die whose speed is directly controlled by the CNC up to 4 stack tooling.

     Tel: 39 (0461) 729000   Fax: + 39 (0461) 701410
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