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Breeding a manufacturing solution for insemination tubes
Maillefer SA
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Company: Maillefer SA, Switzerland
Attn: Andre Gosselin

It is always beneficial to get involved in customer projects where know-how in tube extrusion provides answers to unique requirements. Maillefer has recently delivered an extrusion line for veterinary tubes with precise volumetric qualities.

The single layer extrusion line produces insemination tubes used in animal reproduction. One common construction calls for single layer tubes with an OD of 2.8 mm (0.110), an ID of 2.4 mm (0.094) and lengths of 133 mm (5). Materials include PVC / PP granulates or powdered PVC with or without coloration. Line configurations are available for both sterile and non-sterile environments.

Respecting tight tolerances for the inner diameter and saw lengths provides the precise volume characteristic needed for the uterine application. The acceptance tests for the recent delivery proved the equipments capacity to easily meet the customers requirements.

Jean-Pierre Genton, European Region Sales, states: Sincerely, the market for this equipment configuration is not very big. There are few veterinary tube manufacturers worldwide. But niches have their advantages. Our strengths in extrusion are clearly on display here. Small diameters, thin walls, and tight tolerances are definitely familiar terrain for us. Whether our customers are from the veterinary field or beyond, they know that they can count on a high level of quality from our equipment.

While multi-layer constructions are not a feature for insemination tubes, it represents another pipe extrusion strength mastered by Maillefer. In automobile fuel lines for example, the latest delivery is for a six-layer tube produced in one pass with a single extrusion head. The company also provides systems for medical tubes, heating and plumbing pipes, irrigation, gas and water transport, flexible / carcass pipes, and cable and fiber ducts.

The Swiss-based supplier is an independent company with locations in Ecublens (Switzerland), Vantaa (Finland), Moscow, and Shanghai. As worldwide leader of extrusion and winding solutions to the pipe and wire & cable industries, Maillefer provides maximum productivity to its customers through superior technology, know-how and service.

For further details please contact Sales & Marketing at:

     Tel: +41 21 694 41 11   Fax: +41 21 691 21 43
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