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J&S Machine, Inc expands product lines
J&S Machine, Inc.
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Company: J&S Machine, Inc., WI, United States
Attn: Joe Seibel or Todd Smith

J&S Machine, Inc. introduced several additional new products at the FAB TECH exposition in Chicago highlighting the expanded product offerings now available.

The new CR 138 CNCH computerized open end roll bender manufactured by 3C allows the operator to produce virtually any multiple radius parts in either small prototype volumes or large production runs.

The programming of the parts is done on the PC mounted at the machine control station. Several different methods can be used when programming according to the known dimensions.

These may be radius and degree, radius and developed length, chord length and height, or aperture width and height. This allows the easiest development of programs on a control that is very user friendly and can be operated by shop employees.

Also shown at FAB TECH was the CVG model PGM 72P rotary hydraulic bender with a dual digital display POB to control multiple plane bending and distance between bends. This versatile, rugged machine can be programmed for 1-9 bends in each part.

J&S Machine is working with YLM Industrial promoting the NC and CNC rotary benders. The YLM CNC benders utilize a "Windows NT" operating system for network capabilities. Unique features include the ability to "PUSH-ROLL" bend.

With the bending arm in location, the POB unit pushes the material into the roller tooling creating a large radius bend. This arrangement makes it possible to produce a large radius and tighter radius bend on the same part in one operation.

The SMI products offer solutions to working with coiled copper, aluminum,and light alloy material.The Primatist and MTS models will straighten, bend, endform, and cut in one operation. Also available are end crowning machines.

J&S Machine continues to offer the same technical assistance for the development of parts, prototype, and R&D work. We can work with the client's machine shop if available or provide machine shop services for the production of tooling.

We work with a wide variety of materials, shapes, and industrial clients offering solutions to manufacturing problems. J&S Machine specializes in developing bending solutions for the most demanding applications.

We can be reached at either of our 2 locations. Ellsworth, WI at 715-273-3376 or Wabasha, MN at 651-565-0176

     Tel: 715-273-3376   Fax: 715-273-5241
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