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Axxair Launch Global Concept for Orbital Cutting and Welding
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Company: Axxair, France
Attn: Rozen Legrand

Axxair, France, has introduced new orbital tube cutting machines, type CC, for stainless steel tubes. Axxair has become a leader in this field thanks to its quick technical expansion, with a new machine design every six months. This range of machines allows the operator to cut from 5 to 620mm in sectors such as design and maintenance of piping in pharmaceutical, food, biotechnological, semiconductor, chemical, nuclear, petrochemical and naval industries.

Axxair has already a strong position within the orbital cutting field in several countries. Now the company innovates in the orbital welding field. The global concept was born from a union of CC plus ASL150, which enables orbital cutting and welding with one machine. In addition, the launching of a range of turbine motors (TEAs) and grinders (ZOEs) further embellish this range.

The company has pioneered a number of exclusive innovations: the Global Concept, which is a combined cutting and welding machine, and the ZOE, a new reaction turbine to grind and cut. The global concept involves cutting and welding thin stainless steel tubes in pre-fab on site or in the workshop with one machine. It can cut up to 15mm in thickness and weld up to 3mm in thickness. Apart from the CC80, all the CC machines can be upgraded to cutting and welding machines in a few minutes.

For the norms imperial, SMS and DIN, configurations for tube-to-tube include elbow, fitting, flange, T and valve. Tubes from stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, hastelloy, inconel or all other materials can be welded with the TIG process. The Global Concept comprises of a CC orbital cutting machine, an automatic electric rotation, a welding head and an orbital ASL150 TIG power source. The orbital machine type CC120 can cut and weld from 5 to 120mm in diameter. The ASL150 power supply TIG has a direct current, and energises with high frequency or with contact, and provides ventilation of the releasing power source. It has user-friendly and precise programming due to a digital interface.

This year, an orbital welding closed head system will complete this system, and will allow users to weld on line. Due the companys experience in pneumatic motorization, the ZOE 125 reaction turbine grinder was also launched last year. Weighing only 1.2kg, it works with a 125mm diameter disk, has no friction parts and can be used with dry (no pollution) or lubricated air.

     Tel: 0033 4 75 57 50 70   Fax: 0033 4 75 57 50 80
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