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Wed, Jan 22, 2020, 6:31:05 ---- The fact: 42.844.000 visitors done.

Tube End Forming Systems Manufacturer announces new web site
Manchester Tool and Die, Inc.
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Manchester Tool and Die, Inc., IN, United States
Attn: Kent Harting

For Immediate Release

For Further Information Contact
Jason D. Blevins
Manchester Tool and Die, Inc.
601 S. Wabash Rd.
N. Manchester, IN 46962
(260)982-8524 ext.42

Tube End Forming Systems Manufacturer Looks to World Wide Web to Improve Customer Convenience and Support

What can we do to take us to the next level in customer convenience and support? was the first question that MIS Director Jason D. Blevins and Marketing Director Dale Miller posed in preparation for the redesign of the website.

Three things became apparent.

First, the company needed an in-depth, online quoting system. We knew that we couldnt make it perfect but we wanted to get as close as possible, said Jason. Between basic contact and machine information and prints supplied by the customer via the online quoting systems, customers can now enjoy greatly increased quote processing speed.

Second, it was necessary to enhance ease of use of the website. We went to great lengths to place navigation, contacts, machine specs, and any other information a current or potential customer would need a single mouse click away. Not only can you easily find contact information, but also to make it more personal the new MTD website features a photo of the contact person. We believed that we needed to humanize it, personalize it. People should feel comfortable and welcome while using a web site, and little things like providing pictures of the customer contacts helped us to achieve that goal.

Third, it was essential that the new site provide customers with important information quickly and easily. To achieve this the development team created customer databases with information such as Stock Machine lists, Order Status screens, and even tracking numbers for packages that are in transit. This information is all easily accessed by current customers through the web and secured with 128 bit encryption to ensure customer confidentiality.

While pleased with the results of the redesign, Manchester Tool and Die will continue to work to improve this new and powerful tool. This project is to help all of the customers that have supported us for the last 42 years and all those we hope will be supporting us for the next 42, remarked Jason.

To receive your free brochure contact Manchester Tool and Die, Inc. at (260)982-8524 or visit them on the web at


     Tel: (260)982-8524   Fax: (260)982-4575
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