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Stennecken Tools gets ISO-9001/QS-9000 TE
Stennecken Tools Ltd
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Stennecken Tools Ltd, Canada
Attn: Chris Draper

We Got It
This month BSI has certified Stennecken Tools as ISO-9001/QS-9000 with the T&E (Tooling and Equipment) supplement. This has been a huge investment of time but we have already realized the benefits. Our customers and suppliers have helped with information necessary for our compliance. We would like to thank all of you for your help. We should all be proud
of this accomplishment.

Test Stand for Stennecken Slides
Reliability/Maintainability and Durability of not only our machines but also our components is being conducted from field reports and in our test lab. This test stand has simulated four years of run time for our hardened and ground slide assembly which has shown only .002 of wear. Continuous improvement of our equipment is a very high priority at Stennecken.

Big New Automatic Surface Grinder
We have recently purchased a new surface grinder (24 by 48 magnet). This will enable us to grind multiple slides at one time. This will increase productivity in our components area and hold our cost down to customers. Our vertical machining centre and CNC lathe mentioned in our last newsletter are both running parts every day. These improvements continue to support our concept of having standard components in stock and the completion of our customers machine is only an assembly process.

Please feel free to contact Chris, Owen or Jim should you have any upcoming needs in any form of tube fabrication, end forming, brazing, leak testing and assembly. Our concept of supplying entire cells for tube assembly manufacture is proving a success to our customers.

     Tel: 519-793-3215   Fax: 519-793-4640
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