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Precision Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauges Launched
Elcometer Instruments Ltd
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Company: Elcometer Instruments Ltd, UK
Attn: Sales dept

Elcometer Instruments Ltd, UK, has launched two new precision ultrasonic wall thickness gauges, the Elcometer 207 and Elcometer 207DL. The company is a specialist supplier of instrumentation for quality control of coating processes.

The Elcometer 207 series precision ultrasonic thickness gauges are designed to provide accurate thickness measurements on thin materials and are capable of measuring substrate thicknesses without removing paint or other coatings from the surface to be measured.

Using the latest ultrasonic transducer designs, the single element delay trip transducer, the Elcometer 207 gauges both measure thin materials in "echo-to-echo" mode but switches automatically to "interface ech" mode when measuring thicker materials and plastics.

With a range on steel from 0.15-25.0mm (0.006-1.00"), these gauges have two calibration adjustment methods, velocity of sound setting for the material or calibration to a known thickness of material. Both gauges have the display backlight feature. The Elcometer 207 has a data output capability for readings as they are taken, while the Elcometer 207DL has memory for 1,000 readings in up to 10 batches with a copy of the Elcometer software package EDTS+ Excel Link supplied free of charge with the gauge kit.

Each gauge is supplied with a 15Mhz, 6mm (1/4"), "microdot" right-angle transducer with 6mm and 12mm (1/4" and 1/2") delay tips, together with a suitable couplant. An AA alkaline or 1.2 NiCad battery powers the gauges. The accuracy of the thickness measurement, depending on conditions and materials being measured, is +/-0.002mm (+/-0.0001").

     Tel: +44 (0)161 371 6000   Fax: +44 (0)161 371 6010
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