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Thematool Introduces New Accutronic AC Flying Shear Accel.
Thermatool Corp.
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Company: Thermatool Corp., CT, United States
Attn: Bob Doran

Thermatool Introduces New Accutronic AC Flying Shear Accelerator

Thermatools innovative new Accutronic AC Accelerator upgrade system is designed to improve the speed, reliability and cut length accuracy of U.S.A. built Alpha flying and swinging ram shear cutoffs as well as AEF, Yoder and other cutoff systems utilizing hydraulic accelerators.
The new Accutronic AC Accelerator brings significant improvements in line speed and repeatable cut length tolerances, higher throughput, reduced scrap and an overall improvement in mill productivity.
The Accutronic AC system features Thermatools patented proven Rack and Pinion drive - strong yet simple with a minimum number of parts and a low backlash configuration to deliver improved cut length accuracy, dependability and uptime, with lower operating costs.
The closed loop control system utilizes that latest Alpha software to control the accelerator drive system and continuously monitor tube speed and die set position for greater accuracy at all mill speeds.
For ease of maintenance the Accutronic incorporates easy access lubrication points, reducing downtime and maintenance costs and improving productivity.
The new system is easy to install and integrate with existing cutoff equipment with its compact design rack and pinion drive assembly and combination power, control and operator console. The system bolts directly to most U.S.A. built Alpha cutoffs, requires no special foundation and is available from stock for immediate delivery.
For more information, contact the Sales Dept. at Thermatool Corp., 31 Commerce Street, East Haven, CT 06512. Tel: (203) 468-4100. Fax (203) 468-4281. E-mail: Website:

     Tel: (203) 468-4100   Fax: (203) 468-4281
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