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High-Precision Thickness Gauging Module
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Company: Panametrics, MA, United States
Attn: Sales dept

For demanding applications that require sub-micron resolution in thickness measurements, or picosecond resolution in time-of-flight measurements, the high precision thickness gauge module is a unique ultrasonic data collection system. This high-performance benchtop system, from Panametrics USA, offers unprecedented accuracy utilizing superior ultrasonic instrumentation and powerful ScanView Plus data acquisition and imaging software. The resolution and accuracy of the TGM is significantly greater than that found in conventional portable thickness gauges.

By utilizing receiver frequencies as high as 400MHz and as low as 50kHz, 32 gates per channel, and unlimited ultrasonic options, the TGM is a versatile system capable of resolving a variety of ultrasonically challenging applications. The system is capable of measuring polymer coatings or plastic barrier layers as thin as 0.0005" (0.012mm) at a calibrated accuracy of 0.0001" (0.0025mm) or better. The system also offers extremely stable time-of-flight (TOF) measurements at picosecond resolution. The TGM Module is useful in material analysis applications such as tracking incremental changes in material sound velocity, to quantify very small fluctuations in density or elasticity.

The sophisticated ScanView Plus software allows measurement data to be displayed in a tabular format, in a graphical matrix, or exported to standard spreadsheet packages. The base TGM system includes a computer, digitizer card, customer specified pulser/receiver and ScanView Plus Software. The system also includes an instrument set-up menu, which easily allows users to reconfigure for multiple pulser/receivers.

     Tel: +1 781 899-2719 x 576   Fax: +1 781 899 1552
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