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Tube Tech Machinery installs in Dalmine
Tube Tech Machinery
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Tube Tech Machinery, , United States
Attn: Francesco Zaglio

Innovative cnc plant for drilling, boring, chamfering and threading.

Tube Tech Machinery - Cazzago SM (BS) ITALY - ( has recently installed an innovative CNC system in Dalmine Plant (950.000 ton of products) for drilling, boring, chamfering and threading of gas-cylinders.

This application is an example of CO-DESIGN and ROBUST DESIGN: how to improve productivity, flexibility and reliability of old equipments and plants.

With the help of the new concepts of engineering (as FEM analysis) the new plant is ready to use: the old Restellini Plant was a 6 electromechanical units, the new plant is a 4 cnc units fully automatic without expert workers need.

The machine works 24 hour in a day, 6 days in a week and 50 weeks in a year.

The threading unit can thread the internal and external surface of the tube and can thread conical parts.

The plant is very flexible: each unit can make the job of the others units.

     Tel: 0039-030-725057   Fax: 0039-030-725057
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