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Laser welded tube production news
Dreistern Inc.
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Company: Dreistern Inc., PA, United States
Attn: Werner Wasmer

Roll forming systems in Start/Stop-Technology allow the integration of a multitude of operations into the roll forming process, such as punching, clinching, bending, and naturally, the automated assembly of additional product components. For years Dreistern has been the pioneer in this technology. Up until now the Start/Stop-Technology was limited to open cross-sections, and welded tubular shapes on the other hand required a continuous forming operation.

Dreistern reached a new milestone. For the first time the production of a laser welded tube is performed in a Start/Stop-Operation. The cross-section is halted for a short moment, in a precisely defined location, a threading operation is performed and the section is cut-off. The profile will then accelerate immediately to top speed to perform the same cycle over and over. During the extremely short stopping and acceleration cycles the laser power is exactly matched to the roll forming speed.

As well as the cross-section, the profile is new. It is a composite profile, which is 30 % lighter but provides the same rigidity as the conventional open shape. Due to the high cost savings in material and assembly expenses, laser welding in Start/Stop-System of composite profiles is an interesting alternative for a wide range of applications.

     Tel: 215 799 0220   Fax: 215 799 0420
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