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T-DRILL wins a major cut-off order
T-Drill Oy
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: T-Drill Oy, Finland
Attn: Pekka Ristimaki

T-DRILL is very proud to announce that their cut-off system was selected among all competitors to be The System to cut small diameter tubing for well known international supplier. The name of this supplier cannot be published at this stage.

The order consist of 10 cut-off machines including decoiling and straightening equipment. Some of these systems have been delivered already and the rest will be shipped before end of the year.

The revolutionary matter on this case was State of Art feeding method. It is based on "Linear-feeding" (Magnetic) technology providing contorllable, superior feeding speed and high length tolerances.

The system has even capability to cut and separate several cut-lengths fully automatically to be forwarded following operations. In this way single cut-off machine can simultaneously supply tubes for several secondary operations (benders and/or endformers) and at the same time it optimizes the use of tubing. This all without sacrificing anything from high production rates or length tolerances.

This victory is continuation for T-DRILL's success among small diameter tube cut-off applications which started 11 years ago.

     Tel: +358-6-4753333   Fax: +358-6-4753300
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