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REIKA/BRONX Man. Joint Venture The Reel Engineering
Reika-Werk GmbH
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Reika-Werk GmbH, Germany
Attn: Jurgen Fleck - Sales Manager

Reika announces the establishment of the
Joint Venture Company The Reel Engineering UK
together with Bronx Manufacturing UK

The new joint venture company will strengthen the approach to the world market of straightening machines.

The enormous engineering know-how for straightening equipment, which is gathered in The Reel Engineering Company, combined with the innovation of the machine tool and line manufacturer Reika, Germany, will offer competitive and state-of-the-art straightening lines.

The machines will be manufactured at Bronx Man.where the necessary production machine tools and assembly staff are available. After the first orders for complete finishing equipment from Saarstahl and a new straightening machine for Sandvik, additional orders are expected in the near future.

All straightening lines will be completely re-designed and fulfill highest demands for short set-up times and straightening precision. The oversized frames and rollers will guarantee a long machine lifetime.

For DOM tubes, highest demands of the automotive industry referring to straightness and roundness, being necessary i.e. for camshafts and for parts being manufactured on lathes, can also be fulfilled.

The scope of supply will reach from 2-roll-straighteners, 6-roll-straighteners to 9-roll- and 10-roll-straighteners as well as sectional straighteners for profiles.

Sales activities will be co-ordinated by Reika and by Reel Engineering.

     Tel: +49/2331/9690-0   Fax: +49/2331/969096
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