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Handy Solutions for Coating Thickness Measurement
Fischer Instrumentation (GB) Ltd
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Company: Fischer Instrumentation (GB) Ltd, UK
Attn: Ray Scruby, Managing Director

An extensive choice of hand held options for measuring coating thickness has been developed by Fischer Instrumentation (GB) Ltd. Models have been refined over a period of more than 30 years to culminate in the most precise and accurate instrument range available today.

They meet a need for difficult applications where surfaces may be rough or not easily accessible or for large, heavy or cumbersome objects which cannot be moved. Using a range of modular "smart probes" which store their calibrations, coatings which may be soft, abrasive or complex can be measured economically.

The MPOD basic instrument model is designed for applications where full on-board statistical analysis is not necessary. The ergonomic design has an integrated constant pressure probe for one hand operation, with the screen displaying the coating thickness reading instantaneously. There are three such basic models - the Permascope and Isoscope for ferrous and non-ferrous substrates and the Dualscope which will automatically determine the substrate before making a measurement.

At the top end of the scale, the Dualscope MP40 combines the magnetic induction and eddy current methods in one instrument. It statistically evaluates a series of measurements and is capable of storing 100 applications for calibrations and up to 10,000 measurements. The instrument can be integrated with a computer or linked directly to a printer. SPC/SQC software is available for more sophisticated analysis of the readings.

Depending on the coating and substrate combination and the sophistication of output required, there are many other combinations available. A selection of smart, plug-in probes enables the measurement of test pieces with varying geometry, surface texture and coating thickness. The instruments are able to recognise the individual probe and once set up are able to measure instantly without the need for re-calibration.

Comments Ray Scruby, Managing Director of Fischer (GB) Ltd: 'Fischer has responded to the complexity of surfaces, shapes and sizes to be measured in industry by developing this range of hand held measurement instruments. Coupled with the wide variety of probes it is probably the most extensive range available on the market - you'll almost certainly feel that you've had one tailored to your specific requirements but at an off the shelf price'.

Fischer offers 24-hour UK support to all its customers.

     Tel: 01590 684100  
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