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New friction saw blade developed by SW Wil
SW Wil Werkzeug- und Maschinenhandel AG
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Company: SW Wil Werkzeug- und Maschinenhandel AG, Swaziland
Attn: Sales Dept

SW Wil, the technological market leader in Switzerland concerning sawing and cutting techniques has introduced a new worldwide standard by development of a friction saw blade called SwissCut HR.
Based on a CrV tool steel and using a special thermochemical treatment , SW Wil engineers succeeded in obtaining a material structure which in comparison to standard friction saw blades exhibits the following substantial improvements:

- up to 300% higher cutting tool life compared to standard friction saw blades made of 1.2235

- remarkable reduction of crack formation in SwissCut HR blades depending on the ductile material structure caused by residual stresses

- less downtime of the tube welding lines owing to higher cutting performance

- increased cutting quality

Due to a large investments, SW Wil is able to produce SwissCut HR blades in a very rationally way. Therefore the market price for the SwissCut HR is very competitive compared with that of standard friction saw blades.

"SwissCut HR" friction saw blades at present are offered in dimensions of 400 up to 1200mm. Further technical details are published in the next future, see our homepage

SW Wil Werkzeug- und Maschinenhandel AG
Werkzeugscharferei Industriestrasse CH-9552 Bronschhofen
Tel. 0041(0)71 911 12 22 Fax 0041(0)71 911 49 32 Internet:

     Tel: 0041(0)71 911 12 22   Fax: 0041(0)71 911 49 32
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