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Production Controls and Routine Analyses
Spectro Analytical UK Ltd
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Company: Spectro Analytical UK Ltd, United Kingdom
Attn: Bruce Aucott

SPECTRUMA GDA 150 - Compact Glow-Discharge Spectrometer
for Production Controls and Routine Analyses

The GDA 150 is an inexpensive and easy-to-operate routine spectrometer to control coating technologies and surface treating processes. The instrument permits the fast analysis of chemical compositon and thickness of technical surfaces. All elements including H, O, N and C may be determined quantitatively. Detection limits are around 0.01%, depth resolution is approximately 0.050 m. Bulk analyses is also possible. The GDA 150 is equipped with a newly developed air-cooled excitation source, allowing the analysis of small and geometrically complicated samples due to its small sealing ring of only 4 mm diameter. The instruments has high-speed digital pressure regulation for non-transient setting of optimum parameters for high-resolution depth profile and thin-layer analysis as well as bulk analyses. This unit would suit any company needing to control any of the above and is designed to be easy to use and would fit into most production control environments. For the first time control and measurement become a practical proposition using existing control personnel. Analytical times are between two and five minutes for most applications.

     Tel: 0121 550 8997   Fax: 0121 550 5165
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