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New Alpha Flying Shear Cutoff for copper tube extrusion line
Thermatool Corp.
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Thermatool Corp., CT, United States
Attn: Robert J. Doran, V.P. Sales

March 2002. The Thermatool Group announces the shipment of a high speed Alpha shear to a major copper tube producer in the U.S.A. for installation on a high speed extrusion mill. The Alpha shear will double cut, dimple free, copper tubing _" to 2" diameter in line with the extrusion mill at speeds of up to 600 FPM. The Alpha will crop cut the scrap point of the tube in addition to cutting both finite and coil lengths in-line. The newly designed Cutoff includes the ability of being pre-programmed to automatically cut the complete production requirements of an extrusion run. This pre-programming capability includes the ability to optimize the cuts in the final portion of the production run to automatically minimize the amount of scrap tube that is produced. The very accurate cut lengths that can be achieved with the Alpha Shear further reduces the scrap tube that is produced and significantly increases the yield from the extrusion mill.

For further information, contact the Sales Dept. at Thermatool Corp. at telephone (203) 468-4151, fax at (203) 468-4281, or e-mail at: or at Thermatool Europe Ltd. at telephone +44 1256 335533, fax at +44 1256 467224, or e-mail at:

     Tel: (203) 468-4151   Fax: (203) 468-4281
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