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SMS Demag receives order totaling Euro 100 million
SMS Demag
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: SMS Demag, , United States
Attn: Stefanie Bettinger

SMS Demag AG, Germany, as the leader of a consortium, has recently received from Hunan Valin Iron & Steel Group Co. Ltd., PR China, an order for the supply of a CSP facility of the latest generation, with a total volume of Euro 100 million.

The CSP facility is intended for the Lianyuan Works, Loudi, in Hunan Province and is to become operational in January 2004. The annual production is 1.3 million t. As the consortium leader, SMS Demag is supplying all of the core equipment: the thin-slab caster with a CSP funnel-shaped mould and the hot rolling mill with CVCPlus technology in all seven stands, as well as those automation components which influence the product quality. These include the technological control systems and process models. The Chinese company will be executing the entire civil engineering portion, including bays, cranes and the equipment for the water supply and treatment system.

Lianyuan had previously restricted themselves to the manufacture of long products but the CSP facility will enable them to begin the independent production of hot strip for utilization in the local automotive industry, in structural steel work and for the manufacture of tubes and pipes.

In the first stage of construction, the facility is intended for single-strand operation, with extension to two strands being envisaged at a later point in time. The casting machine will be supplied with the required liquid steel by the oxygen steelmaking plant, which is to be extended, via ladle heating furnaces. The cast products will be thin slabs in a very wide variety of carbon grades. The steel grade spectrum ranges from low-carbon deep-drawing grades, to normal structural steels and to micro-alloyed, low-pearlite tube steel grades.

The casting facility is equipped with technological control systems, for example for mould adjustment for setting the slab formats, and with a mould-level control system for obtaining a good material surface without casting-powder inclusions. Furthermore, the casting machine is equipped with LCR technology (Liquid Core Reduction) for the stepless reduction of strand thickness from 70 mm to 50 mm. In the seven-stand mill train, hot strip is manufactured from minimum thickness 0.8 mm to maximum 8.0 mm, in widths between 900 mm and 1600 mm. Use is made of the PCFC technological model for influencing the shape, contour and flatness of the hot strip.

In order to secure its own competitiveness, Lianyuan is emphasizing the value not only of economy and flexibility but also of high product quality. CSP technology satis-fies these objectives on 24 reference facilities worldwide as well as in the form of the latest technology packages for thin-strip rolling, ferritic rolling and semi-endless rolling.

SMS Demag AG is a company of the SMS Group.

     Tel: (+49-2 11) 8 81-44 49   Fax: (+49-2 11) 8 81-43 86
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