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Next Generation Orbital Welding Power Supply
Orbimatic GmbH
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Company: Orbimatic GmbH, , United States
Attn: Steve Purnell

The Welding Machine that thinks for itself

If you are looking for a Orbital Tube Welding Machine which takes the strain out of producing Welding Procedures then the Orbimat 160C is the machine for you.

This edge of technology machine has a fully automatic Procedure Generation facility which requires only the Outside Diameter and Wall Thickness to be inputted to create a complete welding procedure.

The details on the Welding Procedure include gas flow rates, tungsten electrode diameter, grind angle and type. There is also a facility to allow project details to be stored to the procedure.

This machine will also store up to 300 welding procedures to be stored internally and this number is unlimited with the use of a standard PC Card.

The extensive weld data logging facility also makes this machine very popular when welding critical pipelines for the Pharmaceutical and Electronics Industries.

The unit also includes a weld head cooling system and printer for producing copies of procedures or log files.

     Tel: + 44 1733 244063   Fax: + 44 1733 244463
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