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Roll-Kraft Offers its New Tube Mill Setup Video Series
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Roll-Kraft, OH, United States
Attn: Kevin Gehrisch

Roll-Kraft is pleased to announce a new 14-video series covering all phases of tube mill setup. The company is an internationally known supplier of roll tooling to tube and pipe and roll forming manufacturers and is the industry leader in providing mill setup and operation education. Roll-Kraft hosts annual tube and pipe and roll forming training seminars that have been attended by hundreds of professionals through the years. This new 14-video series is accessible for viewing on an easy-to-use video player on the Roll-Kraft website. It is a synthesis of teachings offered at the seminars, and provides step-by-step instruction in all 14 phases of the tube mill setup process. The topics include: - Presetting Side Roll Passes - Pregapping the Breakdown Rolls - Tapering the End of the Strip - Centering the Strip in the 1st Breakdown - Threading the Breakdown and Fin Section - Threading through the Coolant System and Sizing - Validating Driven Breakdown Passes with Solder - Using the Setup Chart - Setting the Side Pass Stands and Breakdown Section - Setting the Fin Section - Verifying Parallelism of Driven Passes - Checking Weld Size - Setting the Sizing Section - Conclusion: Tube Mill Running Smoothly. The videos are presented by Robert A. Sladky, Vice President of Tube Mill Engineering at Roll-Kraft. Sladky has been associated with Roll-Kraft for more than 30 years and has spent 49 years working in the tube and pipe industry. All processes and procedures in the videos demonstrate tested practices that have been documented as successful over the years and are currently used throughout the industry. In addition to the video series, regional training seminars, and events, Roll-Kraft also offers on-site tube and pipe and roll forming training programs at the customer's location. Conducting an on-site training program allows the instructors to focus on the mills as they are currently operating, with tooling and staff, and allows interaction with everyday issues and experiences. It is a convenient way to train the operators and staff in-house and provide customized guidance for specific situations. Roll-Kraft has its headquarters in Mentor, Ohio, and it maintains other facilities in Lombard, Illinois (Chicago Roll Company); Houston, Texas (Roll-Kraft Texas); and Ontario, Canada (Roll-Kraft Ltd.). Calls to the company's main line, (888) 953-9400 or (440) 205-3100, are greeted by a live operator who can assist callers in quickly reaching a technician, engineer, or sales staff, who can provide immediate assistance. The company's fax number is (440) 205-3110. Learn more about Roll-Kraft products and services by visiting and see more technical videos on the company's YouTube channel. For easy and immediate contact with Roll-Kraft that transcends time zones and working hours, the website features an easy-to-use contact form.

     Tel: 440-205-3100   Fax: 440-205-3110
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