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IPSCO Installs Guild Zipwelder (TM)
Guild International
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Company: Guild International, OH, United States
Attn: Lee Kothera, V.P. Sales

Guild International has recently supplied its Guild Model ME 500-28 ZipwelderTM to IPSCO in Camanche, Iowa. The equipment included an exit pinch roll and an entry crop shear, all mounted on a Guild grid system to provide for a quick installation. This new equipment is part of a major upgrade to IPSCOs 8-5/8 Pipe Mill, which handles 100,000 PSI maximum yield coiled steel up to 0.530 thick.

IPSCO required a system, which would allow them to cut a steel sample up to 24 long from a steel coil. This sample can be taken from the beginning or the end of the steel coil and this system supplied by Guild does that and it does it automatically.

In Automatic Mode, the trailing coil end is automatically stopped in the shear opening, the exit side guides automatically center the strip, and the exit weld clamp automatically closes. During this time, the operator feeds the leading coil end into the ZipwelderTM, and then the entry sides and entry weld clamp closes. The ZipwelderTM automatically shears the two coil ends and makes an automatic MIG weld based on the selected recipe from the on board computer which controls the weld gap, weld speed, wire speed, and welding voltage.

     Tel: (440) 232-5887   Fax: (440) 232-5878
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