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Fivesbronx - API Six Roll Pipe Straightener for Wuxi Valin
Bronx Taylor Wilson
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Bronx Taylor Wilson, UK
Attn: Scott Miller

The Fivebronx continues to design world class custom machinery for every size and grade. The Fivebronx six roll series of machine is very versatile, it will process the full range of API grades pipe as well as the specialty alloy tube market. The six roll straighteners can be found in all the leading seamless and ERW pipe mills worldwide. This can only be done with a knowledgeable and fully committed staff of engineers, designers and project managers. Our staff is continually searching for that next innovation that will make the Fivebronx straighteners better than ever before.

Fivebronx has recently completed a Series 6CR11 Hot Straightener to Chinas Wuxi Valin. The new 258mm hot rolling seamless mill will produce the tubes 60-244.5mm O.D. with 30mm wall and 15m long tubes. The steel grades are for casing, casing coupling, tubing coupling, drill tube, line pipe, high pressure boiler tube, low and medium pressure boiler tube, gas cylinder tube, seamless hot-rolled steel tubes for hydraulic pillar service, structure tube, tubes for liquid service and other high alloy tubes. The annual production will be 500,000 tons. The machine will process plain and upset API pipe with temperatures ranging from ambient to 750 Deg. C.

Coupled with the patented Fivebronx Computer Aided Setting System, COMPASS, system utilizing the latest in industrial electrical and electronic technology to provide the customer with consistently high quality product and throughput capacity. With the COMPASS system, machine set uptimes for a size change are reduced to less than three minutes, while its data collection and storage is vital to the producer and end user when processing such sensitive and critical components.

Other design features include incorporating all of the upset movements into the top passes of the machine, eliminating the need for maintenance access to hydraulic cylinders in the base of the machine, an area typically flooded with scale and water. A quick opening hydraulic relief circuit has been incorporated as a safety measure to protect the rolls and bearings.

For nearly 100 years, Fivebronx has been a leading manufacturer of finishing equipment including tube, pipe, bar and section straighteners, hydrostatic pipe testing machines, rotary cut-off and end facing equipment, collapse testing machines, material handling equipment and other ancillary finishing equipment. With a continued focus on providing innovative solutions customized to fit each customers specific needs, Fivebronx has become a global leader in finishing equipment solutions.

     Tel: +44 (0)874422686   Fax: +44 (0)8704422989
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