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Roll-Kraft Identifies Factors
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Company: Roll-Kraft, OH, United States
Attn: Sales


Roll-Kraft has identified the most frequent reasons that cause tube and pipe scrap issues when running tube and pipe mills. A few routine changes can avoid costly expenditures. Making good choices of materials and defining proper setups are just two of the basic considerations necessary to achieving good production. A complete list of solutions is available on the Roll-Kraft blog.


Scrap issues cause frequent unwelcomed problems for all tube and pipe producers at one time or another. They can be costly and cause delays in production. Every effort should be employed to avoid scrap. Chuck Gehrisch, president of Roll-Kraft points out, "Preventing scrap is absolutely critical to increasing profits." That is why Roll-Kraft has developed a specific list of issues that should be avoided in order to improve quality and production.

Appearing prominently on the list is the use of proper materials. Materials that are inconsistent chemically, have improper strip width-to-gauge tolerances, crown or camber problems, and perhaps inconsistent slit edge conditions will lead to difficulties. Producing a good tube and pipe product requires beginning with good material.

Scrap can also be caused by improper setups on the mill. A setup chart should always be used as a reference. This will provide assurance that the rolls are in the proper position. Documenting and repeating setup patterns will save time and give accuracy during future tooling changes.

Then, you must be sure the tooling is well designed and made of good quality material. This is not the place to cut costs and accept second best. It will only cost more in the long run.

It is very important to do periodic preventative maintenance to determine if the mill needs adjustment or tooling is worn. Mis-alignment and heavily worn tooling will cause problems. The benefits of doing preventative maintenance can far outweigh the replacement costs of time and materials to reproduce the bad production.

While it is ideal and often expected that every production run be as planned, taking a few extra steps to evaluate the situation can go a long way in preventing scrap and producing the best possible tube or pipe product.

The complete list of tips to avoid scrap can be downloaded and printed from the Roll-Kraft blog spot at the top of the company website. Also, there are many technical bulletins on the subject of tube and pipe production, which are available in the Profit Pointer section of the website. Customized solutions to these and other specific issues can be answered by contacting Roll-Kraft directly or choosing Dr. Resolve when visiting the website.

Roll-Kraft has its headquarters in Mentor, Ohio, and maintains offices in Frankfurt, Illinois (Roll-Kraft Northern) and Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada (Roll-Kraft Ltd.). The phone number is (440) 205-3100, and fax is (440) 205-3110. More information about Roll-Kraft products and services is available on the website,

     Tel: 440-205-3100   Fax: 440-205-3110
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