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Tube 2002 Dusseldorf: Addison-McKee Electrifies Tube Forming
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Addison-McKee, UK
Attn: Peter Chapman

At Dusseldorf this year, Addison-McKee will be displaying a range of machines that will encompass tube bending, tube measuring and tube forming. The Addata G Plus offers the latest developments in tube measuring whilst the DB20 ESR and the DB 75 ESRB provide all electric solutions for tube bending. For tube forming, we will be displaying the McKee EF 70-SIO Selectable sizing machine.

"Addata G Plus" is a revolutionary Non Contact Measuring Machine for use specifically in the Tube Bending Industry to obtain data for Bending Machines and provide information for inspection purposes. The machine utilises the latest G-Tube technology for non-contact measurement.

"DB 20 ESR" is a multi stack all electric bender which bends up to 20mm diameter tube, incorporating the new Addison MkV Control for high precision bending, and linked to the Addata G Plus.

"DB 75 ESRB Electra" is a multi-radius,multi-stack electric bender, with numerous benefits over its hydraulic counterparts. Apart from the obvious benefits of zero hydraulics (no leaks), zero warm up and a quieter working environment, it also incorporates the new user friendly MkIV control made in conjunction with Siemens. The software has a touch screen interface running on a Windows NT4 platform

"EF 70-SIO Selectable sizing machine". This machine has a turret style tool holder that can be loaded with as many as six (6) different segmented ID/OD finger and jaw tooling sets. The turret of the EF 70-SIO machine rotates to the pre-selected tool set to provide required size operations.
This machine can be linked to a tube bending machine control to select a previously taught program in the EF 70-SIO while the bender is producing the bent component.

The machines on display are a small selection of our production turnover. We are constantly developing tube bending, measuring and forming equipment, including electric benders, push benders, dual headed benders and other latest technologies, supported by our well known world-wide service and support commitment.

     Tel: +44 (1772) 334511   Fax: +44 (1772) 323227
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