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Stainless Fuel Filler Necks by Hydroforming
Interlaken Technology Corporation
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Company: Interlaken Technology Corporation, MN, United States
Attn: Dan Prill, Product Marketing M

Eden Prairie, MN--- Interlaken Technology Corporation offers a Hydroforming Production Press System for manufacturing stainless steel offset fuel filler necks. The multi-channel computer-controlled press features closed loop control of hydraulic forces and motions. In addition, the hydroforming press has a small footprint and fits well into a workcell environment.

The automotive industry is moving toward steel fuel filler necks in many of the upcoming 2003 cars and light-industrial trucks. These stainless steel fuel filler necks were previously manufactured out of painted carbon steel or other materials. Suppliers do not wish to use traditional manufacturing methods to manufacture filler necks using stainless steel, because it causes galling to the product and it dramatically shortens tool life. Most suppliers have decided that hydroforming will solve all problems.

The complex asymmetrical shape of the offset fuel filler neck requires more than a simple expansion of a tube into a die cavity. Using UniPress, Interlaken's sophisticated press control system, a precise feed and internal pressure profile was developed to allow the stainless steel tube to flow into the unique die cavity shape. Many other hydroforming press manufacturers have been unsuccessful in forming such a difficult offset.

With the Interlaken Hydroforming Press System, manufactures can consistently produce stainless steel fuel filler necks to tight manufacturing tolerances without any galling or tool wear.

Hydroformed parts are stronger and weigh less due to structural integrity and fewer welds or add-on pieces. Furthermore, costs are reduced and time is saved by eliminating secondary operations, reducing scrap, lowering material and manufacturing costs, and increasing design flexibility. With superior control over forces and motions, Interlaken's Hydroforming Press provides a greater overall quality of formed parts.

The multi-channel closed loop control system is easily programmed to handle various sizes and materials. It also offers dynamic mode switching which enables the user to switch between a variety of feedbacks such as force, position, internal pressure and other system variables.

For over 20 years, Interlaken Technology Corporation has been designing and manufacturing servo controlled testing and production equipment with sophisticated controls and monitoring software. It is this experience and knowledge that allows us to provide you with the best possible solutions for your test and production press equipment. Interlaken offers an extensive warranty and solid service and technical support.

     Tel: (952) 942-7499   Fax: (952) 942-7599
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