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Open Throat Crimper Available from Finn-Power
Finn-Power, USA, Inc.
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Company: Finn-Power, USA, Inc., IL, United States
Attn: Bob Kolcz

Schaumburg, IL. Finn-Power USA, Inc. offers a production crimper, the SP350. This Open Throat model, is especially designed with the ability to load bent or angled parts directly in the vertical head design without having to pass the piece through the head. The SP350 is especially well suited to accommodate automotive assemblies, long or oddly-shaped assemblies, and combination assemblies. Other features of the crimper include the capability of handling hose size up to 1-1/4 inch and a maximum die opening of 1.89 inches (48 mm). The SP350 has a swaging force of 35 tons, with a capacity of producing 450 swages/hour.

There are two controller styles available for the SP350. First, Finn-Power's computerized VS control meets production requirements quickly and effectively. The VS combines up to 200 combinations of retraction diameters, correction requirements, swaging diameters, offsets and die sets which can be stored for immediate availability.

The second control option is the IS controller with a swaging diameter controlled by a 10-turn dial in an operator-friendly control panel. The IS offers semi-automatic and automatic operation. Increased cycle time can be achieved by controlling the opening diameter of the swaging operation.

The SP350 is designed with all the standard features that make Finn-Power machines fast and user-friendly. To ensure speed and accuracy on all jobs, the Finn-Power SP350 is designed with the following features:

- affordable custom tooling
- easy-to-use Quick Change Tool system feature allows quick and easy die changes
- storage cabinet for dies as a standard feature

More information on the SP350 swager can be obtained by contacting
Finn-Power USA, Inc., 710 Remington Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173, (847) 885-3200.

Finn-Power USA offers the industry's most complete line of hydraulic
swaging/crimping machines, ranging from light-duty, hand operated units to the larger production units.

     Tel: + 847 885 3200   Fax: + 847 885 9692
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