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Rafter Equipment Ships 16-Inch Weld Box
Rafter Equipment Corporation
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Rafter Equipment Corporation, OH, United States
Attn: Sales Department

Strongsville, Ohio, USA, April 21, 2009 Rafter Equipment Corporation today shipped an RT-9000 five-roll weld squeeze box. The weld box will be installed as part of an ERW pipe mill upgrade at a prominent North American facility for the production of up to 16 (400 mm) OD API line pipe.

The weld box features powered adjustments with actuators that push on the centerline of the weld squeeze roll tools. This feature eliminates any cantilevered loads and the long-term maintenance consequences of such cantilevered designs. The unit also includes position feedback using linear transducers and a graphical operator interface for more repeatable setups.

Additional quick-change features were added to minimize the amount of time and effort necessary to change the roll tooling. The new open design allows for operator access to the downstream side of the unit for easier inspection, setup, and replacement of the ID weld bead cutting tools. An integral tandem OD weld bead trimmer and bead winder with powered bundle push-off were also included.

Rafter Equipment Corporation manufactures welded-seam tube and pipe mills, roll forming machines, cutoff machines, auxiliary and other related tube and pipe mill machinery. Additional services include rebuilding and upgrading mill equipment. Originally started in 1917, the Rafter name is known for reliable, high-quality tube mill and roll forming equipment.

     Tel: +1 (440) 572-3700   Fax: +1 (440) 572-3703
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