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Reline of blast furnace completed at V & M do Brasil, Brazil
SMS Demag
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: SMS Demag, Germany
Attn: Stefanie Bettinger

Blast Furnace No. 1 has started its new campaign after a reline time of just 56 days

Vallourec & Mannesmann (V & M) do Brasil S.A., Belo Horizonte/Brazil, has re-cently successfully restarted its Blast Furnace no. 1 that had been relined by SMS Demag AG, Germany, and SMS Demag Ltda., Brazil, after a downtime of just 56 days.

The reline job mainly included the installation of a new furnace top with internal rotating hopper, the provision of three rows of copper staves in the bosh, belly and lower shaft area in which the existing steel shell was also replaced, a com-plete revamp of the existing cooling system, as well as provision of the entire refractory lining of the blast furnace, an automation system and a bustle pipe. SMS Demag performed the complete reline job including erection as a turnkey contract.

The increase in the furnace volume by around 10% has made it possible to raise the production capacity of the blast furnace. Furthermore, all modifications were designed to result in a much longer furnace campaign than before. An important factor in this connection is the provision of copper staves which are currently the most cost-effective cooling system with the longest service life. Based on the ex-tensive experience of SMS Demag, the design of the applied copper staves has been specifically adapted to the furnace dimensions resulting in a stave con-figuration with three cooling channels.

SMS Demag AG is a company within the SMS Group.

     Tel: (+49-2 11) 8 81-44 49   Fax: (+49-2 11) 8 81-43 86
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