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Roll-Kraft Announces U-15HD Tube & Pipe Mill System
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Company: Roll-Kraft, OH, United States
Attn: Sales

Roll-Kraft is pleased to announce the availability of the U-15HD Welded Tube and Pipe Mill System. The new system combines heavy-duty construction, user-friendly controls, and high-precision roll tooling in a low-cost platform. Every component is adaptable and configured to meet a customers welded tube or welded form requirements and budget specifications. It includes all the traditional components: An 8,000-lb. double-end uncoiler, roll straightener/flattener, coil end joiner, Roll-Kraft U-15HD forming mill (7 stations), weld box, O.D. scarfing unit, cooling/filtration system with cooling trough, Roll-Kraft U-15HD sizing mill (7 stations), double turkshead unit, Roll-Kraft 24" flying cut-off saw (servo accelerated), and accessories.

"We engineer our tube mill systems from the tube out, using the latest in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to optimize the tooling design prior to manufacturing," said Roll-Kraft president Chuck Gehrisch. Adjustments to the entire system are simple because the rugged forming and sizing mills are precision tuned with custom-designed electrical controls and HMI.

Individual system components include:

8,000-Lb. Double-End Uncoiler
Roll-Kraft specifies each uncoiler to meet the material and production requirements, and can be configured in ranges from 1,000- to 30,000-lb capacities.

Powered Stock Leveler
Stock levelers remove the coil-set from the coiled material and greatly improve the straightness and formation of the final product.

Coil End Joiner
Utilizing a coil end joiner as part of a welded tube mill system minimizes scrap and labor in the threading of a new coil, which saves both time and money. These end joiners include a two-stage system that shears both ends of the coil and precisely welds both halves together with minimal weld bead and downtime. When combined with a stock accumulator, the transition from coil to coil occurs without stopping the line.

Roll-Kraft U-15 HD Tube Mill Forming Section
The Roll-Kraft U-15HD forming mill is ideally suited for tubes up to 3.5 diameter x .188 gauge metals up to 100KSI yield strength. The tube mill incorporates strong cast iron forming stands, precision bearings, and adjustable bottom spindles, together with its own motor and drive that is tuned with the sizing mill, welder, and cut-off saw, to produce tubes at up to 150 FPM.

Weld Box (3-Roll Unit)
A vital part of any well-designed high-frequency welded tube mill is the tube and pipe welding unit. This fixture, in a 3-roll configuration, contains the perimeter of the tube by properly aligning and applying forging pressure to both strip edges, resulting in consistent weld penetration. Each roll is adjustable by independent clevis assemblies. The weld box upright and base plates have both vertical and lateral adjustment features.

Tandem O.D. Scarfing Unit
Equally vital to the production of a high-quality HF-welded tube is the removal of the excess weld bead from the surface of the tube. An O.D. scarfing unit utilizes a cutting tool, mounted to an air-actuated tool holder that applies sufficient force to scrape the excessive weld bead. The scarfing unit mounts immediately after the weld box to efficiently remove the weld bead while in a heated state, forming a continuous ribbon that is safely coiled for ease of disposal.

Roll-Kraft's standard scarfing unit includes a tandem head configuration, primary and secondary, mounted with separate actuators to quickly engage a secondary head, when the primary head cutter becomes damaged.

Roll-Kraft U-15 HD Tube Mill Sizing Section
The Roll-Kraft U-15HD Sizing Mill is configured to resize or reshape a tube to a specified geometry. This is accomplished by using an independent motor and drive, tuned with the forming mill section that is ideally suited for tubes up to 3.5 diameter x .188 gauge metals up to 100KSI yield strength. The tube mill incorporates strong cast iron forming stands, precision bearings, and adjustable bottom spindles for speeds up to 150 FPM.

Double Turkshead Unit
Tube and pipe turkshead units are used to straighten round tube and pipe, as well as reshape round tube into various other shapes. A double turkshead unit utilizes rollers mounted to clevises that contain the tube. The clevises are attached to a rotational face plate for axial straightening, while the face plate mounts to a vertical and lateral upright frame assembly that adjusts for bow or camber. Available in both single- and double-head configurations, the double head generally provides the best results by working each head together to contain and manipulate the tube.

Cooling/Filtration System and Cooling Trough
The cooling and filtration systems are combined together in a space-saving configuration, scaled to efficiently distribute coolant to each component of the tube mill system and also filter contaminants. The cooling trough station is mounted between the forming and sizing mills. It contains nylon bottom support rolls and a coolant manifold, with multiple lines to distribute high volumes of coolant to the welded tube. The coolant is captured inside the fabricated tubular body and is returned to the filtration system. Two hinged access panels are included.

24" Flying Cut-Off Saw
A friction-saw makes efficient cuts to almost any profile, on-the-fly, using a servo-driven carriage and blade pivot unit. Heavy-duty blade guards, an entry & exit tube clamping jaw system, and internal blade cooling and coolant return make quick work of most welded products and are standard features of the Roll-Kraft cut-off saw.

About Roll-Kraft
It is said that "Price is what you pay and Value is what you get." Roll-Kraft's commitment to customer service is a value noticeable from the beginning until the end of each experience. Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.

For more information about Roll-Kraft, a leading designer and manufacturer of roll tooling and equipment for tube, pipe, and roll forming producers, visit

     Tel: 440-205-3100   Fax: 440-205-3110
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