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High speed CNC-Blank Cutting Line on TUBE 2002 - Booth 5 F40
Reika-Werk GmbH
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Reika-Werk GmbH, Germany
Attn: Jurgen Fleck - Sales Manager

REIKA a world wide leading manufacturer of machines and lines for tube and bar mills presents the new machine generation of CNC-Blank Cutting lines for high precision blanks like roller cages, ball bearing rings, automotive parts etc. Exact volume cutting., extreme close tolerances of length (+/- 0,05 mm) and squareness (< o,o5 mm) at Cpk 1,67. Cycle time of 3,2 sec. for cut-off, facing and O/D and I/D chamfering of a blank 54 x 5,6 x 45 mm. 100% SPC-Control.

REIKA BRONX Straightening Machines for Tubes and Bars Reika presents the new generation of state of the art tube straightening and bar straightening machines with CNC-Control.

RASflex Intelligent Concept for Fix-length Packaging

ABB Schweiz AG, Zurich exhibits a robot with Flex Tube System for palletising of tubes coming from cut-off machines. The RASflex permits hex-bundling and automatic strapping

Our booth number in Tube Duesseldorf is 5 F 40.

     Tel: +49/2331/9690-0   Fax: +49/2331/969096
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