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Ultrasonic measuring device
LaserLinc Inc
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Company: LaserLinc Inc, OH, United States
Attn: Sales debt.

Laserlinc's UltraGauge+ ultrasonic measurement system provides tools for non-contact monitoring and control of OD, ID, and wall thickness. The system includes transducers, a digital signal processing unit (DSP), a laser micrometer, and a non-contact encoder for precise measurement of length and speed.

Of special interest to manufacturers of thin-walled metal tubing, such as Nitinol, LaserLinc has developed a proprietary solution for measuring wall thickness. The company's ultrasonic device measures wall thickness at up to eight positions, with 2,000 measurements per second.

The transducers sit in either the product's cooling or vacuum tank, or a tank manufactured by LaserLinc. A transducer emits an ultrasonic ping toward the product, and the DSP computes the time difference between the ping echoes at each layer interface. using the speed of sound in the product to build a picture of it.

The DSP connects via Ethernet to a computer running Total Vu software, LaserLink's measurement/data processing package. The Etheret connection allows the PC to be located some distance from the production line, eliminating many cabling and distance limitations.

The measurement devices combines with Total Vu software to create real-time charts, graphical cross-section displays, and measurements in configurable, easy-to-read panels. Total Vu software runs on any Windows-based PC, and provides in-process tolerance checking, trending, SPC, control, data logging, and other features. These tools can reduce scrap, increase production efficiency and improve quality.

All LaserLinc micrometers and the UltraGauge+ DSP have a four-year parts and labour warranty (transducers carry a on-year warranty).

     Fax: +1 937 318 2445
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