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John Neale: Tube Bending Resin
John Neale Ltd
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Company: John Neale Ltd, , United States
Attn: John Neale

John Neale Ltd has developed and introduced a new technology tube filling compound. It has been called Resin WS8. It was designed to overcome many of the problems associated with metal fusible alloys, rosin resins and sand, ice etc.

John Neale Ltd was initially approached by a specialist architectural section bender, who was bending high quality balustrades and other items out of stainless steel tube. This company wanted a solution to the requirement to degrease rosin resin residues with trichloroethylene (Trike) after the bulk was removed from the tube by melting. A better solution was found where Resin WS8 was suggested in place of the rosin resin. The Resin WS8 residues being simply removable with a water rinse. Trials proved the Resin WS8 to be a match for the rosin resin in performance and the ease of removal a fantastic bonus.

Next a Rolls Royce subcontractor approached John Neale Ltd as they had been told to stop using Cerrobend and any other fusible metal alloy in their tube bending operation. They had tried many alternatives before approaching John Neale Ltd. John Neale Ltd filled 5 tubes with the resin in their labs and tests quickly showed it worked as well as the Cerrobend. There were other benefits for this customer in using the Resin WS8; the tubes were easier to fill as the resin flows easily and doesn;t set prematurely, the components were lighter making handling easier due to the low density of the Resin WS8, and the residues were easier to remove with simple water rinse.

Resin WS8 has many beneifts:-
- Low cost
- Low density making large architectural sections much more handle-able
- Water soluble so residues can be removed with water
- Low odour
- Low hazard, with no hazard labelling
- Reuse-able
- Effective
- Better flow into even long tubes with small diameters.
- Operates at the low temperature of 70DegC

Samples are readily available, and product is available in the USA through a partner and Europe.

     Tel: 0121585879   Fax: 01215858793
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