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New Tube Mill Cutoff Tooling Improves Quality
Betaram, Inc.
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Company: Betaram, Inc., MI, United States
Attn: John J. Pavelec

Betaram, Inc. has shipped a Single Cut Die Set for #1 Die Jaws and Blades with NEW design features that substantially improve cut quality.

EASY Installation
The new Betaram, Inc. die set is a "drop in replacement" for other shear blade die sets operating in tube mill flying cutoff systems. No cutoff machine or tooling modifications are needed to operate the NEW Betaram, Inc. single cut die set.

RIGID Upper Shoe Lasts Longer
The upper shoe assembly is a new, simple design with a shear blade holder fastened directly to the cams and upper shoe plate. The result is a RIGID assembly that no longer needs dowel pins to maintain the required close tolerance fit. Large rail wear pads top out the upper shoe for longer service life in the flying cutoff environment.

BEST Setups With A NEW Shear Blade Cartridge
Mild steel cut quality is best when the shear blade thickness is 1.5 to 2.0 times the tube wall thickness. Other die sets need expensive modifications to facilitate blade thickness changes. The NEW Betaram Single Cut Die Set solves the problem with a NEW Shear Blade Cartridge. The cartridge provides quick shim-less blade thickness changes using existing die jaws. Matched with jaw holders for each blade thickness, this NEW Shear Blade Cartridge can radically improve tube cut quality.

TOUGH Lower Shoe Runs Longer
The lower shoe assembly is a new design consisting of simple, easy to assemble parts. It features new die jaw holder sub-assemblies with massive bearing surfaces. Quality and yield are the main benefits of this feature as the critical tube "clamp" pressure is maintained over more cut cycles.

IMPROVED Die Jaw To Blade Setup
Fewer parts built to very close tolerances make consistent tight clearance operation to the die set possible. Now, with the NEW Betaram die set, the correct die jaw to blade clearances can be SUSTAINED for the best possible cut quality.

CUTS Maintenance Costs
Fewer parts built to very close tolerances also simplify die set maintenance. Assembly to the CORRECT tolerances is easy. Worn parts are replaced with inexpensive replacements thus assuring correct die set operation for continued good tube cut quality.

For more information contact: John J. Pavelec, VP, Betaram, Inc. PO Box 334, Troy, MI 48099 USA TEL: 248-853-0446 FAX: 248-853-6353
e-mail: web:

     Tel: (248) 853-0446   Fax: (248) 853-6353
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