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New Drive System for Tubemills
Mazzola Engineering SA
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Company: Mazzola Engineering SA, Switzerland
Attn: Mr. Ivo Mazzola

Mazzola Engineering / OEMB recently delivered the second tubemill
equipped with its newely developed Drive System Multi-Synchdrive.

The machine, producing welding rod of just 1.2 mm O.D. reduced from
the original 9.0 mm. is equipped with 22 AC motors. The independent drives
allow compensation of variable material elongation produced during the reduction
process while constantly maintaining perfect speed synch and steady grip on each
roll. Production speed is a healthy 150 MPM. The system, controlled by a PC and
proprietary software developed in-house by OEMB, allows both torque and/or
speed synchronising of the single drives.
The AC-motors are directly fitted to the roll shafts without need of gearbox-reducers
and universal joints.
The production process starts with forming of a 9.0 mm OD tube which is filled with
welding powder and subsequently sqeezed closed and reduced to its final OD.

Multi-Synchdrive can be applied to any conventional tubemill at a cost lower than
a common 1 or 2 motors driving system. A version to be applied to tubemills
equipped for quick-changeover is also available.

     Tel: +4191-827-1414   Fax: +4191-827-1414
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