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Composite Profiles
Dreistern Inc.
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Company: Dreistern Inc., PA, United States
Attn: Werner Wasmer

Reduce weight - save material costs - produce complex cross-sections

Roll formed parts have been used in various applications for numerous years in the automobile industry. Due to the current chassis designs, which are based on the use of stamping presses, the great advantages of roll formed components are not utilized. This applies especially to closed cross-sections. The required welding processes can generally be performed under more favorable conditions than during the chassis weld assembly. Weld speeds and the quality obtained in roll forming are seldom exceeded. However, not only welding can be integrated into tube roll forming systems. Punching, bending, extruding, folding or clinching are some possible additions which are integrated and used today in DREISTERN roll forming systems.

New roll forming concepts permit the realization of completely new shapes, the use of different wall thicknesses in one cross-section, and even variable cross-sections within the entire profile length. These developments appear at exactly the right time. In a lot of development departments new automobile concepts are created which need to be produced more economically than before, allowing smaller run quantities than ever. Roll forming can provide the essential support.

     Tel: 215 799 0220   Fax: 215 799 0420
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