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Eagle: Automated Heat Exchanger Manufacturing
Eagle Precision Technologies Inc.
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Company: Eagle Precision Technologies Inc., Canada
Attn: Sales

Eagle Designs and Delivers an Automated Heat Exchanger Manufacturing

BRANTFORD, ONTARIO - 15th February 2008 - Eagle Precision Technologies
Limited, a worldwide leader in tube bending and forming solutions has
designed, manufactured and delivered a unique machine for the automated
assembly of heat exchangers.

As a result of a customer request, Eagle was challenged to design and
manufacture a machine for the assembly heat exchangers in a more cost
effective process to offset the higher cost of the technology used to
meet new efficiency standards.

The main component of your home heating furnace, both forced air and hot
water, is the heat exchanger. This component takes the heat produced by
burning fuel and transfers it to the water or air for distribution
throughout the house. The HX (Heat Exchanger) tubes must be assembled to
the HX panel ensuring an airtight lock so that internal combustible gas
does not escape into the ventilation chamber of the furnace. This lock
must also be verified to a predetermined "leak rate" that adheres to
federal industry standards.

The most common method for fastening the two components is the "ridge
lock". This process involves introducing a set of segmented expand
tooling into the tube and expanding a bead around both sides of the
panel flange. The result is an interference lock between the HX tube and
the HX panel. Eagle has been supplying this proven technology to the
industry for over 20 years to many satisfied customers. The problem has
always been the slower cycle times required to complete the larger,
multiple tube panels. Also, inspection of the completed
assembly required a second operation. To answer the industries call for
innovation, Eagle has developed a new line of fully automated heat
exchanger assembly machines for the HVAC industry. This new product line
offers the latest in automation technology that allows our customers to
have the versatility and quality they have come to expect from all Eagle
products. With this new platform the HX panel is scanned and loaded
into the assembly station. The correct part program is automatically
selected and with the touch of button, the sequence is initiated. When
the next configuration is scanned the new parameter is automatically set
allowing for zero changeover time. After the components are locked in
place, the entire assembly is leak tested before being ejected for
transport to the final furnace assembly station. This new turn key
solution offers customers decreased floor to floor cycle times, fully
programmable indexing for multiple part configurations and fully
integrated leak test capabilities for assured real time quality
assurance of components. Eagle's HVAC assembly solution includes heat
exchanger lines capable of assembling 80% through 90%+ dual stage
efficiency furnace components.

Based on customer estimates, this new automated solution is 48% faster
than the previous manufacturing process providing significant production

Eagle Precision Technologies is a leading manufacturer of CNC tube and
pipe benders, tube and pipe end-finishing equipment, muffler
manufacturing equipment and tooling. The company is a global supplier
with a history of over 45 years of machine building experience and an
installed base of more than 8,000 pieces of equipment in more than 60
countries. More information is available from

     Tel: (519) 756-5223   Fax: (519) 756-9062
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