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Guild installs Strip Accumulator
Guild International
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Guild International, OH, United States
Attn: Lee Kothera, V.P. Sales

Guild International recently completed the installation and start up of its 62nd SuperloopTM Horizontal Strip Accumulator at Tull Metals Processing, a division of Ryerson Tull in Norcross, Georgia.

Tull Metals goal was to put an entry system in place on their 3 O.D. x .180 wall tube mill that would allow one operator to easily handle the entry end and this goal was achieved.

Guild designed and manufactured an integrated entry system that consists of a 15,000 Lb. double arm uncoiler with automatic tail out, automatic rotation, and hydraulic feed up drives to feed the new coil end into the Guild Speed Funnel. This Speed Funnel then quickly guides the new coil end into the Guild model ME ZipwelderTM. The ZipwelderTM quickly aligns the coil ends, shears the ends square, and makes an automatic TIG weld. During the coil changeover, the Guild Model SL-14 SuperloopTM provides strip to the mill to allow for continuous operation of the tube mill.

Tull Metals ordered this system early in June 2001, and they were producing tubing with this equipment before the end of October 2001. The quick delivery of equipment was made possible by Guilds inventory of new Uncoilers, Speed Funnels, Flatteners, ZipweldersTM and SuperloopTM Accumulators.A well orchestrated plan at Tull Metals allowed for a quick installation and rapid start up.

     Tel: 440-232-5887   Fax: 440-232-5878
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