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Kusakabe Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd
Kusakabe Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd
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Company: Kusakabe Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd, Japan
Attn: Sales Dept

Kusakabe Electric & Machinery Co.,Ltd of Japan, a long time leading and innovative tube and pipe mill manufacturer is continuing to develop and expand the applications for the Rotary Sizing Mill with sales to Australia, Japan, Europe and the USA. This concept is an alternative to sizing tube and pipe with diameter range from 25 to 650mm (1 to 25.6 inches). The Rotary Sizing Mill (RSM) concept uses two cages of cylindrical rolls in a planetary configuration around the tube. The internal diameter of the cage of rollers is set smaller than the incoming tube. As the cage of rollers rotate around and along the tube, in a similar manner to a nut on a thread the tube diameter is reduced.

This technology is being applied to both online applications on tube and pipe mills and off line applications where the outside diameter needs to be reduced and surface finish improved or laminated tube is required. The variable diameter setting of the RSM makes the machine ideally suitable for sizing small production runs of odd sized tubes without the need to purchase extra tooling.

Mike Kusakabe, Executive Manager Marketing, stated, The RSM technology brings a totally new concept to the ERW, TIG and Laser tube and pipe industry. We are confident the many advantages and the lower costs of the RSM make it an effective alternative to current technologies while assisting the industry to better meet the demands of its customers.

The RSM is a smaller machine requiring less tooling; the tooling is of a simple parallel design that is easy to manufacture and maintain. The internal diameter created by the cage of rollers is infinitely adjustable within the upper and lower limits of the cage configuration. Surface finish improvements over the original strip in excess of 30% have been achieved with roll marks and pick up eliminated, thereby reducing polishing costs. Tooling wear, in meters of tube sized, is less than convention tooling but has the added advantage in that the wear has no impact on the quality or precision of the tube sized.

Improvements in diameter accuracy are achieved and in some cases come very close to drawn tube capabilities. The RSM offers a large range of cost saving opportunities. For large mills the cost is considerably less than that of a conventional sizing mill. In other areas saving are made in energy consumption, floor space, reduced tooling, tooling replacement, maintenance costs, and change over times and reduced scrap.

Based on 47 years experience in the tube and pipe industry, the company provides an innovative and comprehensive range of tube and pipe mills and associated equipment to meet the industrys needs.

Kusakabe are continually developing new ideas and concepts to address the challenges faced by the Tube and Pipe manufacturer. The solution you are looking for may be at the Kusakabe Stand at Tube SE Asia 2007.

     Tel: +81 78 992 9100   Fax: +81 78 992 9139
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