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Thermatool: Sale of its 1000:th solid state welder
Thermatool Corp.
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Company: Thermatool Corp., CT, United States
Attn: Robert J. Doran, V.P. Sales

East Haven, CT

Thermatool announces the sale of its 1000th solid state welder The success of Thermatools current fed inverter design has been driven by market needs for cost effective, reliable HF welders. A typical Thermatool 500 KW output solid state HF welder will save $100,000. per year in energy costs over the older vacuum tube welder technology. Sales of vacuum tube units continue to decline due to their high maintenance, replacement parts availability and energy costs. The high cost and reduction in the number of suppliers of the required oscillator tubes has also had an effect on the declining sales of vacuum tube welders. Thermatool plans to bring greater benefits to tube and pipe producers by providing computer control of the power supply and welding process through the introduction of HAZControl TechnologyTM. As opposed to the vacuum tube welder the solid state welder design is ideally suited for computer control of the output power and frequency.

For additional information on how Thermatools Solid State Welders can assist you in producing superior cost effective products, please contact Thermatool Corp., 31 Commerce Street, East Haven, CT 06512. Tel: (203) 468-4100; Fax: (203) 468-4281; E-mail:, or Inductotherm Heating & Welding Technologies Ltd., Thermatool House, Crockford Lane, Basingstoke, Hants, RG24 8NA, England, (Tel: +44 01256 335 533) or email to:

Thermatool is part of Inductotherm Group.

     Tel: 203-468-4103   Fax: 203-468-4281
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