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Large OD Cylinder pipes manufacturer
Wuxi Special Steel Material Co.,Ltd
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Company: Wuxi Special Steel Material Co.,Ltd, , United States
Attn: Yana Chen

Wuxi special steel material company,as a multi-enterprise Group ,is established in 1990, owns 4 subsidiary holding companies and close relation company majored in manufacturing, distributing with kinds of steel tubes for high-pressure or high temp resistance or corruption resistance
Our company lies in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. We treat Shanghai as our transaction centre, owns almost 20% market share in Shanghai related region .Also, we have very convenient access to its air and sea transportation facilities. With a yearly sales more than USD100,000,000.To ensure that high product quality standards are maintained, we have more than 30 experienced engineers engaged in conducting QC procedures. These staff utilize advanced technological equipment, including ultrasonic, eddy current and hydrostatic instruments. Due to the effectiveness of these measures, in March 2000 we passed ISO9001 evaluation conducted by the British National Quality Assurance Company.Meanwhile, We are the designed alloy steel tube supplier by the material-sourcing depart of China Sinopec and since 10 years ago, weve become China National Petroleum Cooperations primary provider.
Four brother companies:1)Dexin Steel Pipe Plant(extra process for big SMLS OD pipe up t0 48 inches. 2) Jiangsu Chengde Steel Tubes Share Co.,Ltd 3)Zhenda Steel Tube Manufacturing Co., Ltd 4)Shanghai Linde International Trading Co., Ltd(international purchasing for special steel pipes and marketing extending)
Main Partner Companies:1) Baotou Iron and Steel Union Co.,Ltd 2)Wuxi Seamless oil Pipe Co. 3)Chengdu Seamless steel Pipe manufacturing Co.,Ltd, 4) Wuhan Forging and Casting Plant 5) China Inner Mongolia North Heavy Industries Group Corp., Ltd 6) Shanghai Baosteel
Main Steel Grades of Our Products

No.1: Carbon Steel Grades
34CRMO4,ASTM A 53A, A53B, ASTM A106B, A 106C, ASTM A179, ASTM A 210 A1, A 210C, ASTM A 192, ASTM A 159, ASTM A512, ASTM A 333

NO2. Alloy Steel Grades
Cr5Mo (STFA25, STBA25, STPA25, T5, P5)
15CrMo (STFA22, P12, T12, 13CrMo44, P11, T11)
10CrMo910 (STFA24, T22, P22)
T91, P91
Cr9Mo (STFA26, P9)

     Tel: 0086-13606199330   Fax: 0086-510-82796678
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