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Non-Ferrous Bangkok - Latest developments
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Company: ITA, United Kingdom
Attn: Phillip Knight

A Joint IWMA and ITA Seminar at wire/Tube Southeast Asia 2007
Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Thailand, 17 October 2007

During next years wire/Tube Southeast Asia 2007 in Bangkok the International Wire & Machinery Association (IWMA) and the International Tube Association (ITA) are co-organising a supporting joint one-day seminar for the non-ferrous sectors in both industries.

The format will be a wire session in the morning and a tube session after lunch. Because Non-Ferrous Bangkok will take place at the exhibition hall it will enable delegates and speakers to attend both the exhibition and the seminar.

Indeed, potential speakers will be able to combine speaking with attendance or working on their booths at the exhibition, offering an even greater incentive to travel to this exciting and very timely new exhibition Speakers with technologies relating to both industries will be able to present at both sessions.

For more information on either attending or speaking at the seminar and the main topics to be covered in the programme please contact the IWMA or ITA as follows:

     Fax: +44 1926 314755
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